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Shuttle 6, Shuttle 4, and Shuttle 2

The versatile line of Cushman Shuttle Vehicles has been serving our customers well for many years.  Whether you need to transport passengers, luggage, cases of wine, wheelchairs, or require over a thousand pounds of hauling capacity, The Shuttles are a durable, comfortable, user-friendly choice.

The Shuttles are all equipped with the same powerful 48V electric powertrain or 13 h.p. Gasoline Kawasaki Motor that are found in the Cushman Haulers, so hilly terrain or heavy loads are no problem.

With multiple configurations available, The Shuttles can also be customized to meet a wide variety of needs. 

The Shuttle 6 has the option of a convertible rear seat that can flip down into a flatbed deck for hauling goods when the rear seat is not being used to transport passengers.

When only four seats are required, a rear cargo bed with Stakes Sides is available in the Shuttle 4 Model creating a convenient multi-purpose vehicle.

When larger, heavier items need hauling, The Shuttle 2 with its 6 foot flatbed deck can accomodate loads of up to 1,200 lbs.  Add a Van Box and you have a weatherproof container for Maid Service or for transporting sensitive items such as computer equipment.  Add Steel Drop Sides and the Shuttle 2 becomes an even more versatile hauler of loads such as case goods, trash, appliances, lumber, or bales of hay.