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The Workhorse has evolved over the years to become a powerful, heavy-duty all-purpose utility vehicle that our customers have come to rely on for all of their tough, everyday tasks.  Its transition to the current 48V and 72V AC Powertrain and the Powerful 13 h.p. Kawasaki Motor for its gasoline version, along with its range from 500 to 1,200 lbs. load capacity have only improved upon the original models and have made it a trusted, reliable "workhorse" that accomplishes whatever job you need done.

Beginning with the 2012 Model Year, The "Workhorse" has evolved again into an even more durable, heavy-duty version of itself in the Cushman Hauler 800/Pro 72V/1200, and the Lifted Cushman Hauler 800X/Pro X/1200X.

While it retains all of its powerful features customers have come to depend on, Cushman has enhanced its durability by redesigning some of its body and canopy top components.

The front body has a new more agressive look, with integrated, more efficient headlamps, standard steel brushguard, diamond plate side rocker panels, optional thicker steel canopy struts and poly canopy, and the added option of a limited slip differential on all models.